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Vaccinationsknappen –

show the world you are vaccinated against Covid-19!

Vaccinationsknappen brings a feeling of security to the people around you when you wear it. The badge is a proof of you being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 which vouch for a lesser risk of getting seriously ill or to infect others. It is also a visible sign for everyone showing more and more people being fully vaccinated, which means a higher and higher security from getting infected by Covid-19.

We can see with our own eyes what is being reported on the news every day; The corona pandemic effect on our lives is being reduced day by day from each and every vaccination. While we continue to carefully follow the guidelines and rules from our government, the moment when we can go back to a more social life again is getting closer.

Wearing the Vaccinationsknappen after your vaccination is a simple visual help to enable us to feel more secure around each other. And when you meet people you give them a sense of security. This is important, especially in professions where you are in physical contact with many people.

This badge is good for employees, patients, visitors, customers and actually everyone since it brings mutual security whilst identifying the ones who already have received and taken the vaccine.


The badge is simple to handle and is not expensive. Buy it on this webpage and have it within a week. At the same time you donate 5 sek to someone who is suffering from the long-term effects of a severe case of covid-19 decease.

If you want to buy several for your organization's needs please let us know and we will offer you a special quotation depending on the amount of badges.


Let us visualize how we, together, day by day overcomes the threat from the corona pandemic!